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Was on cilest combined pill just coming up to my 7 day break and the Dr has said for medical reasons to go on the cerelle mini pill. 7 days in and im bleeding bad. Is this normal! HELP😩😩

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Nesa23 · 16/08/2018 16:13

Hi, ive just started on the cerelle pill, i was on the combined pill celest, i was ready for my 7 day break and my doctor said because of medical reasons to go on cerelle and to go home and start it that day. Im 7 days in now and ive been bleeding for 4 days, its heavy as ive always suffered with heavy periods since having my baby. Just wondering will i bleed all the way through because ive read alot about people bleeding here and there, some people bleeding all the time. Im thinking it was my period just due as i was ready for my 7 day break and she made me just start the cerelle pill on that day. I hope am not one of these that bleeds for weeks on end or even months. I dont no weather to finish the first pack or just stop? As i was put on this because the doc (still waiting for results) thinks i have endometriosis (heavy bleeding and painful periods) and thats why she put me on the cerelle pill, but im still having heavy periods 😓

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Honey2468 · 17/08/2018 01:45

Yeah, this one is really bad for constant bleeding but 7 days isn’t very long and you have just switched over. Maybe give it a little more time?

Honey2468 · 17/08/2018 01:47

Also would this not just be your normal break bleed from the cilest anyways?

Nesa23 · 17/08/2018 06:53

Thats what i thought lol. Just hope i dont bleed all the time, ive read alot of bad reviews about this pill😔 thankyou xx

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yikesanotherbooboo · 17/08/2018 07:54

Wait and see. As pp says you are having withdrawal bleed vfrom Cilest. Cerelle is a very effective pill that will settle down after a month or three. Your periods might stop or become light and infrequent. What is annoying is that some people end up with very frequent or even daily spotting. No way of knowing whether it will be you. Combined pills like Cilest and similarly the patch are great for cycle control and unfortunately other hormonal contraceptives ; implant/ progesterone only pills/mirena / injection will be unlikely to give you a regular cycle although reduced volume of bleeding almost always happens. There are many other benefits in terms of general health.

Nesa23 · 17/08/2018 10:22

Thankyou, think i will try stick it out for as long as i can. If im still the same after 3 months or so i shal go back to my Dr.
Thanks for the help xx

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