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Family planning


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brownbeauty · 26/06/2018 11:41

Which is the best contraception out there.. I'm currently not on any and have been using withdrawals method..
I'm not too keen on the invasive ones ie coil etc etc..
What else is there..??
I would like to have a period as I find them cleansing.. not fussed as to how often but just don't want to be bleeding constantly..
please help me gather yr advise before my appointment in two weeks..
many thanks
Brown beauty

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Honey2468 · 26/06/2018 17:03

If you still want regular periods then the combined pill is really the best way to go. I think it helps you know you are definitely not pregnant too! Injection, mini pill, implant and coil can all cause constant bleeding. I’d give the combined pill a go first. They have low dose ones if you get side effects on the normal, good luck!

brownbeauty · 26/06/2018 19:26

Honey2468 thanks for yr reply.. seems like my posts are not so popular but someone asking about pet names seems to attract hundreds of replies.. lol..
Gonna definitely mention the pill I said to my doc.. see what she says..
many thanks

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