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Desogestrel pill problems

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ds7647 · 18/06/2018 02:25

Hi all.
I've been taking desogestrel for over 1 month now. I got my period pretty much as soon as I started taking the pill which lasted for a week and then stopped. Bleeding was normal brown to red then back to brown and stopped.
A week later my period started again but I was only on for 6 days and stopped, and same bleeding as the first one.
Then just under 2 weeks later I am on again!! Now onto my 8th day! I thought it was stopping as it went very light brown 2 days ago and I had sex with my partner but the morning after sex I started bleeding dark red blood and it's really heavy (for me) I'm only small so I don't get heavy periods normally. I'm using the normal absorbancy (yellow) tampons/pads, but with this bleeding i feel i need the next absorbancy size (green super) as I am having to change more regularly. The blood is thick and abit clotted too. I'm not sure if my partner disturbed something? But I feel quite ill since too, hence me being awake now at 02:15!! I have stomach ache, back ache and a slightly tense achy head too and just feel generally crap! I should be asleep but the symptoms are keeping me awake.
I'm thinking of going back to the mirena coil, but last time I had that i had a tough time and it scared me into not having it again. Because I was getting my period every 2 weeks and it was lasting for 2 weeks at a time!! So 2 weeks of every month I was bleeding with a 2 week break inbetween! Not good!!
Just wondering if anyone else has had similar experience. I'm quite worried about the having sexytime then bleeding heavily after?! I think I'm going to ring my GP tomorrow for a chat!

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ds7647 · 18/06/2018 02:32

Just thought i would add: Other symptoms I'm getting also are weight gain, feeling more hungry. Abit more emotional than normal and feeling tired a lot of the time no matter how much sleep I get. I even went out and bought iron tablets to help with the tiredness! And these symptoms have only started happening when taking this pill.

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ds7647 · 18/06/2018 03:18

Reason I am thinking of going back to mirena coil is because every other contraception I've tried has made me feel ill or sent me crazy! The first mirena I had agreed with me and was alright. I barely got periods at all. But the second mirena I had inserted caused me the problems as I've mentioned above. It also caused vaginal dryness and mood swings. But I'm hoping it may work for me again if I try it, because this desogestrel pill certainly isn't!

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rcko93 · 09/11/2018 10:55

I'm not sure if this is the right place but i couldn't find another discussion about desogestrel.

I have been on Feanolla 75 microgram(desogestrel) for 3 years now. I haven't had any periods for 3 years or any side effects which i though it's absolutely great.

Recently I had blood test that showed high prolactin so i was refered for a trasvaginal ultrasound, which showed no cysts (great) but after the examination the doctor told me that there is some sort of build up where i haven't had period for so long and that it is nothing to worry about. The doctor said it is not worrying but it might take longer to get pregnant later on.

My next appointment with my endocrinologist is in Feb, and i can't help but think is this something to worry about ?
Is this build up something to worry ?
Do I need to stop taking Feanolla so i can finally get a period and get this build up cleared ?

Also, when i first got my period at 15 i had a cyst which eventually shrunk and disappeared due to me being put on the pill, so i can't help but think, would i start developing more cysts the moment i stop taking the pill ?

If anyone can me on this will be great

Thank you :)

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