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Coil and smear test

7 replies

candlefloozy · 17/06/2018 19:31

I'm sure my smear test but would like my coil out to have a baby. Would they take it out and do the smear at the same time?

OP posts:
MyYoniFromHull · 17/06/2018 19:33

No reason why not Smile

CantChoose · 17/06/2018 19:36

Yes usually as long as you tell them in advance as not everyone trained to do smears is trained to remove coils. (Removing coils is easy but they probably wouldn't want to just have a go if they haven't done it before Grin)

candlefloozy · 17/06/2018 20:19

@MyYoniFromHull @CantChoose thank you. Yeah the doctor at my surgery had to put it in. So wondered whether the doctor would take it out then they do the smear. But thinking back three years I had to get a smear on a specific day and time

OP posts:
CPtart · 17/06/2018 20:36

I'm a practice nurse that does smears but can't remove coils as haven't been trained so assume nothing. Ring first.

dementedpixie · 17/06/2018 20:38

It's often the nurse that does smears so check they can remove coils first before you go

candlefloozy · 17/06/2018 21:37

@CPtart would the doctor remove then the nurse do the smear test?

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 17/06/2018 21:39

You would need a double appointment if one doesn't do both the smear/coil removal. Phone and ask

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