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Mirena Coil has vanished

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Audes16 · 15/05/2018 19:18

I’ve just come home from hospital following an endometrial ablation.- (had the coil fitted in December but had made no difference to my v heavy periods so it was to be removed during this procedure ). When the doctor came to my room he asked me “what happened to your coil”. Apparently it wasn’t there ! I have know idea why and he suggested it has came away at some point during the past few months due to v heavy bleeding and clotting. I’m not particularly concerned but wondered if this has happened to anyone else ? Luckily it wasn’t needed for contraception 😊

OP posts:
Justgimmeit · 15/05/2018 19:20

I lost a copper coil once but it was in the toilet bowl. I went to see gp and it was very funny when he asked "what makes you think it has came out?"I was holding it in my hand Grin

Wallywobbles · 15/05/2018 21:10

Lost one. No trace anywhere. Had a scan to check.

Number 2 was on its way south when I went for an early check.

Number 3 is a super spikey number to keep it where it's meant to be. 4 years and no problems.

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