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Personal experiences of being sterilised please!!!

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MumTo2GirlsDT · 08/05/2018 11:11

I am 28 and have 2 dd's, me and dh do not want anymore children. I am currently on progesterone only pill Cerazette and have been for a year now.
The contraception I can use is limited as I suffer migraines but I have had the coil and other pills, and nothing agrees. I do not want to have the implant as I have heard bad things, I have been on Cerazette before but after having my 2nd DD and going back on Cerazette my weight has ballooned out of control and I am constantly hungry and tired.

I was wanting to speak to the dr about being sterilised, has anyone had any experiences of it? What was the procedure like? How did you feel after? Etc.

Thanks x

OP posts:
brownbeauty · 20/05/2018 19:13

Bumping this as I also have the same question.. need to rethink my contraception but I'd rather be done forever n not have to worry.. making love with hubby is the only free thing out there to enjoy nowadays so I want to be able to enjoy it without having to think about anything else.. xx

MizCracker · 20/05/2018 19:15

Following with interest. Can't take hormonal contraception but having a three year old in our bed is currently a 100% effective contraceptive. But I would gladly be sterilised because another pregnancy is a major no for me.

ThePieMother · 20/05/2018 19:23

I had it done at aged 39 after 3 kids & a miscarriage. Was done as day surgery & was in & out of theatre in half an hour. Recovery was uncomplicated. No driving or heavy lifting for a day or two. Worst part was that i had really painful trapped wind which I treated with over the counter stuff, peppermint tea & peppermint oil capsules. Was 100% back to normal & our partying fit my 40th birthday within 5 days.
Highly recommend for those (like me) that can't tolerate most contraception,

Branleuse · 20/05/2018 19:26

I was sterilised a few years ago. I was in and out the same day. No complications. Quick recovery. Just a small scar inside my belly button

They did tell me stuff like the coil is more effective, but i didnt see the point in a reversible contraceptive when i wanted something permanent when tbqh i would rather die than have more children. I can only just about cope with the ones ive got.

brownbeauty · 20/05/2018 19:33

Did u ladies get done on the NHS or private.. ?
waiting list ..?
How long till u felt better to make love again..
is it instant protection.. I'm guessing it is..
do u still get periods.. has the length or heavy ness changed..?
Ooh gosh sorry for the million questions but it's my latest issue I need to sort out..
Much love

Branleuse · 20/05/2018 19:38

i had it done on the NHS.

Cant remember how long i had to wait,
recovery was straightforward, just normal stuff from keyhole surgery really - sore shoulders from keyhole surgery - i dont know why this happens, but seems like its pretty commonplace - i think its the gas from inflating your abdomen)
Also normal side effects from general anaesthetic - weepy on day 4/5

I think I had (gentle) sex again within a week, but i cant remember. It definitely wasnt particularly long

I still get periods. It didnt make any difference to them

They will give you all this information when you have the procedure

brownbeauty · 20/05/2018 19:54

Many thanks
Will look into this sometime this week..
Much love

MumTo2GirlsDT · 20/05/2018 20:28

Thank you for bring this thread back to life! I was hoping more people may of had an experience that could help but doesnt seem to be a common option!
Im glad to hear its pretty straight forward, but my periods have always been heavy so thats something i would have to get used to again (not had a period in 8 months fue to being on Cerazette!).
To those that have had it done, did it help with weight loss? I have started dieting MAJOR (down to 1000 calories a day!) and i also use a fat freeze belt. This for me isnt about just weight, I definitely don't want any more children but then second guess myself like "maybe in a few years I will", how have people dealt with those thoughts/feelings?? X

OP posts:
GlitteryFluff · 20/05/2018 20:31

Watching with interest....

ThePieMother · 20/05/2018 21:11

I had it done on the NHS too & the waiting list was very short. Less than 3 months if I remember. Was able to have sex again within a week.

I certainly didn't lose weight after having it done but I wasn't coming off hormonal contraception so maybe that's why.

I have very briefly & occasionally wondered 'what if...' about the permanence of it particularly as I've met & married a new partner since being sterilised but tbh, at 40 & with 3 kids (one with SN) already the chances of me actually wanting another we're always pretty much zero, thankfully

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