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New to Cerazette....should I give up? Advice please

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Abkbjbjb · 02/05/2018 13:36

So I was prescribed Cerazette by my dr a month ago to help balance my hormones/regulate my cycle.
I started taking it and then took a period on Day 23 which wasn't ideal. However I have just taken another proper period again on day 13?? So I actually only had a week of no bleeding in between. It's a proper painful period not even just a bit of spotting!
So basically I was just looking for advice from others who have taken it-is this normal? Do I stick at it for a while and hope it settles down?!!
Thanks Smile

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Abkbjbjb · 02/05/2018 20:00


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Pebblespony · 02/05/2018 20:02

Sorry. No advice to give. I was on it for years and found it very straightforward.

Nannyplumssillyoldelf · 02/05/2018 20:04

I had to stop taking it after I bled constantly for 3 months.

DoneDisappeared · 02/05/2018 20:05

Progestogen only pills can have funny breakthrough bleeding. I'd try it a bit longer if the side effects aren't too annoying for you. When I was on it I had light spotting once a year. It was great and is always get really light cramping beforehand so it never was a surprise.

babycakes1010 · 02/05/2018 20:07

I was on this year's ago and had the same problems as you. I tried it for 8 months and the problems stayed the same plus I also fell pregnant on it. I would say go back to you doctor and ask for something else

PasstheStarmix · 02/05/2018 20:08

You have to give a new pill 3-4 months to get in your system before you can get a true impression of what you’re like on it. It’s why they only give you three months supply at first.

PasstheStarmix · 02/05/2018 20:08

Bleeding can be common until it’s properly in your system. If the bleeding continues than it sounds like you need a different pill and this one maybe doesn’t suit your hormone makeup.

Notevilstepmother · 02/05/2018 20:11

I had lots of bleeding initially for 2 months I think. I wasn’t sure but I persevered and I’m glad, my dreadful pms mood swings are gone and I very rarely bleed. Maybe a little spotting if I’ve taken it late. Hope it works for you. I was desperate to get something that worked for my pms.

NewToCats · 02/05/2018 20:37

Lots of bleeding every few days / weekly for 6 months. Then I quit and asked for something else.

IDrinkAndISewThings · 02/05/2018 20:44

I’ve just been to the gynae today about my long history of irregular/practically constant periods/spotting and lo and behold in the last two months I’ve not had any bleeding at all, it would seem that my hormones have finally settled down! I’ve been on the depo injection for about a year and a half, and he said today it can take about a year to settle in, and my year was interrupted by extra hormones such as norethisterone and cilest to try and get things under control. The reason I’m blurbing in is because he said that if for any reason the depo injection stopped working for me, the only pop/mini pill he’d recommend would be cerelle, as it’s the only one that effectively manages breakthrough bleeding.
Anyhow, my advice would be to persist with the cerazette for up to a year (I know it’s miserable, the only times in my life my periods haven’t been a misery are the two times when I was pregnant!) but try to stick at it. If you have no joy, try depo or cerelle. Personally I am in love with the depo because I have a memory like a sieve so pills and I don’t get on too well!

Abkbjbjb · 02/05/2018 20:56

Thank you so much everyone for your replies! I think I will stick at it for say another month. Hormonal/mood wise I feel a lot better since being on it so that's one advantage. I was hoping it would stop my periods completely but maybe that just won't happen for me!
It's a bit annoying coming into the summer and perhaps having a period every couple of weeks .....oh the joys of being a woman eh?!!!!

OP posts:
FairyPenguin · 02/05/2018 21:04

I bled when on it for about 3 months, sometimes spotting, sometimes proper bleeding, but had to wear pantyliners all the time. It also affected my mood and libido. Stopped and felt so much better.

BlueBug45 · 04/05/2018 02:13

I never bled but then my hair fell out so I stopped it.

lonelyatchristmas · 04/05/2018 08:34

I was on it years ago and got on fine with it but went back on it just over 2 months ago as I've lost a fair bit of weight recently which has thrown my cycle up in the air.. was getting periods every 2/3/4weeks didn't know when I was due until I came in..
Anyways just opened my 3pk if this and I can honestly say that this week is the first week where I had no spotting since being back on it.. I got a period last week and dont know but think was the end of it for me as have nothing since it stopped....🤞🤞🤞🤞 persever with it if you can

GemmaB78 · 04/05/2018 21:41

I came on here to ask a similar question. I am on my 6th pack and periods are all over the shop. I am currently bleeding, having had my last period only two weeks ago. My breath are sore constantly, moods all over the shop and zero libido. Yet when I took it before, it was great. Regular, light periods and plenty of sex drive. I have had some other symptoms that make me suspect I am perimenopausal, so don't know if that is causing some of the problems. Back to the GP I think

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