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Mirena or Copper coil

12 replies

annlee3817 · 07/04/2018 22:25

I'm getting the coil fitted on Tuesday, but not sure which one to get. I was adamant initially that I was having the copper coil as Hormonal contraceptives just don't seem to suit me. The mini pill gave me awful mood swings and I was so relieved to come off of it. This makes me nervous about having the mirena, as it's the same hormones.

The nurse said that with the coil the hormones are released into your uterus instead of all over your body therefore there should be no side effects.

Have any of you had problems with the hormones released by the mirena coil? Does anyone have experience of either?

OP posts:
Emma198 · 08/04/2018 08:37

I had an awful time of it with the copper coil, horrific pains for two weeks of every month, bleeding really heavy and lasted ages every month. Really really awful. Like you I reacted badly to the hormone in mirena in the past.

There was a post a few weeks ago about copper coil and the majority of feedback was good so obviously not everyone has the same experience as me. I think it's better if you've had kids.

theaveragewife · 08/04/2018 08:45

I have the mirena and I love it, but it doesn’t suit some people! I also used to get horrific mood swings and almost suicidal with the mini pill - but less so with the mirena.

It was fitted because of extremely heavy periods and all sorts of crazy stuff going on in my uterus, now my period lasts for a couple of days and is light enough to use liners. Like Emma said it’s easier to have fitted when you’ve had a baby, it also depends what you want it for - contraception or gynae problems.

Dermymc · 08/04/2018 08:47

I love the copper coil. Like you I didn't want hormones so this was basically the only long term reliable option. I think it depends on your body/periods. Mine weren't horrendous before I had it, I get slightly more pains down my legs for about half a day. I use a mooncup so whenever I'm on my period it is exactly the same.

sunshinecloudyday · 08/04/2018 08:54

Another copper coil lover here. I found hormonal contraception made me feel flat and irritable, that has gone now and I feel so much better. Even my libido has improved. I personally wanted no hormones and normal periods so it suited me. My periods are pretty much the same as they were on the pill, maybe a tiny bit heavier but not enough to be a nuisance.

MsHomeSlice · 08/04/2018 09:01


Mirena coil fitted in November has taken my periods from gushing niagra falls and being concerned that I might not make it up the stairs before bleeding to death, to last month and this month, where it was panty liners only and barely a mark on any of them.

I am now menopausal, but the same happened when I had the first one in years ago.

Would recommend!!

annlee3817 · 08/04/2018 11:15

Thank you. I've had a child yes, I don't plan on having anymore so am wanting it as a contraceptive. I think I'll give the copper coil a go and see how I get on. My periods usually last around three days and heavyish on the first day then so light that I don't always need much more than a liner. I was so much happier when I was off the pill, and was dubious about the mirena.

OP posts:
GrooovyLass · 08/04/2018 11:26

I had a terrible time on the pill. Had the mirena coil because, like a PP, periods suddenly became Niagra Falls like (as well as being 2-3 weeks out of 5) and I've had no problems whatsoever.

thecapitalsunited · 08/04/2018 11:39

I had a copper coil for 8 years only taking it out recently to TTC. I had slightly heavier and longer periods but nothing unmanageable. I went a bit loony on the pill so didn't want hormones any more. Copper coil really worked for me and I'll be getting another put in in the future.

howiseverynametaken · 09/04/2018 05:14

I had a mirena after trying most other forms of hormonal contraceptives. I loved mood swings or other side effects and it totally took away my periods! It was a bad 6 weeks when it first went in with bleeding and pain but I persevered and it was brilliant!

alien11 · 26/04/2018 11:47

I've had the Mirena twice (taken out to have children) I've loved the fact Ive not had periods for nearly 10 years but I'm about to,have it changdd for a copper one as I have no libido and feel anxious all the time,

LoveInTokyo · 26/04/2018 19:20

I have a copper coil after being on hormonal contraceptives for over a decade. I wanted to use a non-hormonal method for a while prior to TTC.

My periods are fairly heavy and last about five days. I can’t really compare it to not being on the coil because I hardly had periods at all on the implant. I get cramps a day or two before my period which can be quite painful but not excruciating and they don’t last very long. Sometimes I get brief twinges at other times of the month. My periods are very regular now.

Overall it does what I wanted it to do. No hormones and no unwanted pregnancies. Slightly less convenient than the implant but definitely the best non hormonal option.

MissWimpyDimple · 29/04/2018 21:57

The jaydess coil is an alternative to the Mirena and it has less hormones. It's equivalent to approx two mini pills a month.

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