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Sudden fresh bleeding two days after getting mirena inserted

2 replies

Cazz10 · 30/03/2018 18:38

Hey all iv had a mirena fitted on Wednesday i bleed a good bit and passed three clots about three hours later but sense iv just had brown spotting but now all of a sudden iv started bleeding pure fresh blood is this a sign that something could be wrong? I'm really scared

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mirime · 01/04/2018 11:29

It doesn't sound unusual to me - I had mine in on a Tuesday, red blood after and on the Wednesday, brown on the Thursday then it stopped. On the weekend it was back to red, then calmed down again and I've been spotting since. Red again now but I think it might actually be my period.

If you're worried though you could call NHS Direct.

Cazz10 · 01/04/2018 17:18

Iv called the doctors they reckon this happens.. I'm back to brown spotting now xx

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