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Late patch change cause bleeding?

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PandaEyes2 · 26/03/2018 08:38


I've been on the patch a few months now and really like it. However, my patch change day is a Saturday. So Saturday when I finished work I had a shower, took my patch off etc. But didn't put a new one on until first thing Sunday morning. Only because we was going out and I was in a rush to get ready and forgot. However from what I understand is you're still protect for 24 hours after the patch coming off.

Anyway Sunday afternoon around 3pm I noticed some blood in my underwear. It was light brown/pinky and quite watery. It's not heavy. Usually my "period" starts 2-3 days after taking the patch off... not less than 12 hours. Can this happen with the patch? I'm confused as it's been so good to me, and like I say it takes a couple of days to get my bleed when it comes off.

I don't think I've particularly bled this morning but I have got a patch on. Should I take the patch off and have a bleed and try to get back into the pattern?

I don't think I could be pregnant because we've only had sex a couple of times since my last period and the patch was on.

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