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Mirena Coil severe pain, anyone know what could be causing this?

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justpositivevibes · 17/03/2018 07:52


I’ve just joined here to ask this really as I don’t know where else to turn. I had the coil put in about two and a half weeks ago, went fine, it hurt, but I have a high pain threshold. Everything’s been pretty much fine up until yesterday. Out of nowhere I had severe pain, honestly it literally felt like labour . Completely took my breath away, I felt sick with the pain, my eyesight even went blurry. I somehow managed to get up and (very slowly) get downstairs to get some strong painkillers. After about an hour of it starting, the pain killers seemed to kick in and although it still really hurt, I was just grateful to be able to walk and talk normally again (and drive, so I could get to the doctors). After an examination the doctor said everything seemed to be in place and perhaps it might have shifted ever so slightly which set off uterus contractions?
I’m still in quite a lot of pain now, no where near what it was like yesterday when it was at its worst, but enough for me to need painkillers. Really confused what could be causing this as I was convinced the coil had gone terribley wrong but according the doctor it was fine. I’ve had no bleeding, no problems going to the toilet, I otherwise feel fine.

Sorry this is so long.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?

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Kitchenbound · 17/03/2018 13:11

Well I'm glad you went straight to your gp that would have been my first suggestion.

Basically what is happening is your uterus is trying to adjust to having something in it and everyone adjusts differently - mine took about 4 months to settle but a friends settled after a couple of weeks. Everyone is different so don't panic btw I have other conditions that contributed to the pain.

If you have ongoing severe pain I would be asking gp if it is placed properly and find out what your options are 🙂

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