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AF MIA but sterilised 4 yes ago. Also possible tmi

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Idobelieveinfairies2018 · 11/03/2018 12:35

As per the title really. Due AF 2 days ago. Am never late. Had very painful cramps for 6 hours last night (not normal since sterilization) and a dull ache today. Inserted tampon last night to see if anything there, just 6 dots of pale pink discharge, nothing since.
Past week have been knackered (struggling 2 get out of bed, feeling in need of nap and falling asleep much earlier than normal), broken out in spots and feel very bloated. Also I go to a weight loss class and lost 4lb this week which again is not normal for the week af is due (normally stay the same or gain, have never lost).
Its driving me nuts.
Has any1 experienced anything similar?
I knw there a 1:200 chance of pregnancy but surely not after 4 years?

OP posts:
Foodylicious · 11/03/2018 12:36

Very unlikely, but peeing on a stick might set your mind at rest.

Have you been especially stressed lately?

Idobelieveinfairies2018 · 11/03/2018 12:38

Just to add I know I ovulated 2 days earlier than normal (very painful ovulations) & had sex probably 5-6 days before that.
Also, had abnormal amount of discharge (white and odourless) last weekend

OP posts:
Idobelieveinfairies2018 · 11/03/2018 12:40

Sorry foody xpost. Don't get paid til Wednesday but will test then if no AF.
No stress lately in fact things been going good

OP posts:
Idobelieveinfairies2018 · 12/03/2018 08:24

Cd32 today and still no sign of AF. Had no more 'spotting'. Cramps returned last night but not as painful as sat night. Dull ache now only on left side.
Woke up feeling generally unwell. My stomach feels like its doing the washing machine. Maybe I'm coming down with a sickness bug but surley that wouldn't stop AF from arriving?
Going to try and see if I can get a pregnancy test done today at gp or our local gum clinic cos I'm starting to go crazy.

OP posts:
picklemepopcorn · 12/03/2018 08:37

Hope you get an answer you can live with!

Any chance of menopause? But definitely get tested.

Idobelieveinfairies2018 · 12/03/2018 09:16

@pickle menopause probably more unlikely than pregnancy as I'm 32 and mum & nan both mid 50s and 57 for my aunty. BUT I wouldn't mind if it was (even the worst menopause with every symptom imaginable would be a holiday compared to my cycle)
Dh and I have discussed and will continue if I get a positive but there were very specific reasons for getting sterilised in the 1st place.

OP posts:
Orchidflower1 · 14/03/2018 09:37

Have you heard anything op? How are you?

Idobelieveinfairies2018 · 14/03/2018 13:04

Update. Monday afternoon really bad cramps so went to my local chemist to see if I could get a test & advice. Advised with my symptoms I needed to see GP asap. Went to GP yesterday morning had negative test but high temp with other symptoms wanted 2 refer me for a scan to be sure. Have scan booked for 2pm so will update again later.
Now 5 days late, new symptoms: bad cramps (almost contraction like), worsening of cramps wen I pee, feel sick on and off, pain still only on left side. Still feel exhausted.

OP posts:
picklemepopcorn · 14/03/2018 13:08

Oh dear! I'm sorry to hear that! I'm not sure what to wish for, to be honest! I suppose just that you feel better soon.Thanks

Orchidflower1 · 14/03/2018 13:12

Oh dear. Hope you feel better soon and that scan reveals information to help to move forward with whatever is best for you.💐🌼

Idobelieveinfairies2018 · 14/03/2018 16:31

so... had to have a internal scan as couldn't see anything via tummy. Made the cramps like 10 times worse.
There is a sac in my left tube. So eptopic. Got told off for waiting to see some1. Apparently, should have seen someone Saturday, cos I'm at higher risk of any pregnancy being eptopic cos of sterilisation.
Had to have my bloods taken.
Have to go back tomorrow for an injection to stop it getting any bigger Meth something? Then apparently I have to have more bloods taken and possibly another scan and maybe more injections?
Feel a bit numb. Even though I was sterilized is it weird to be kinda disappointed?
Does any1 know what happens with the injection & stuff? Doc was quite vague about it.

OP posts:
Orchidflower1 · 14/03/2018 17:00

Sorry you’re going through such a tough time. Xx

picklemepopcorn · 14/03/2018 19:14

I am sorry. I wondered about ectopic, but didn't think you could have one when sterilised. I'm glad you are being treated now, and hope all goes well for you.

Idobelieveinfairies2018 · 15/03/2018 21:37

Yes there's quite a risk of an ectopic after sterilisation.
Had more bloods done 2day then a fair bit of waiting for something, then given the injection. Gotta go back Sunday to have bloods done again.
The cramps have gotten a bit worse tonight and I feel kinda bloated. doc said it sounded as if my body was trying to correct everything as the pain isn't being caused by the tubal as not big enough?? I didn't really understand, it all went in and out like a train through a tunnel.
I feel really depressed tonight. Even though I'm sterilized and didn't want any more it's just bringing back memories of my mcs.

OP posts:
picklemepopcorn · 15/03/2018 22:27

I'm sorry. Thanks
I'm not surprised you found it hard to concentrate. Feel better soon.

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