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orangesandlemonssing · 07/03/2018 21:10

I am on combined pill for contraception.

I started week break on Monday but now I have remembered I'm off for a nice weekend this weekend and I don't want my period. So I've started my next pack having missed Monday and Tuesday dose. I know it sounds dense not to remember I'm going away but work has been stressful so I just got my weeks mixed up.

Am I protected? I know the golden rule is if you miss 2 pills you're not , but since I am protected on my week break anyway I was thinking logically I should be?

OP posts:
Papplewapplewoo · 07/03/2018 21:15

I know I was when on Loestrin 20. As I only had a 3 day pill free break when I had to wear a cream dress as a bridesmaid and Bridezilla insisted we all had to go knicker free to avoid VPL. Can you use extra protection eg condoms until you speap to a HCP??

mirime · 08/03/2018 11:30

Should be fine because you'd be fine on the break between packs anyway, you're just starting the next one early.

I would say you might get a light period anyway. I did if I missed a pill mid pack, I'm sure I would have as well if I'd shortened the break between packs.

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