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Breakthrough bleeding on multiple pills

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userofthiswebsite · 16/02/2018 20:36

Hello all,
Had used Yasmin for years with no issue. GP moved me to Lucette as is cheaper apparently though apparently the same composition.

Anyway I got breakthrough bleeding on and off for 13 months on it so was moved to another pill.

Tried that for 6 months.

Got breakthrough bleeding on that too.

Then GP put me on to the pill with the highest level of oestrogen but got breakthrough bleeding on that as well.

Decided to use up 5 leftover blister strips of Lucette and had no bleeding at all and went back to the GP all happy asking for more thinking whatever it was had sorted itself out but lo and behold it started again this month about 10 days in.

I don't know what is wrong here and my GP isn't too sure either.

Has anyone experienced this and can advise?

I'm single so no concern about birth control but I like the pill for keeping the monthlies to a known expected date and I have skin issues which the pill is supposed to improve.

I've been using the pill for say 14 years so has my body just had enough?

It's really bothering me just bleeding all the time. Been bleeding for 14 days in a row now.

Can anyone help please?

OP posts:
Blahblahblahyadayadayada · 21/02/2018 20:50

Have they examined you, checked your cervix, done an ultrasound? I wonder if it could be a cervical ectropion that has been triggered by the oestrogen in the pills?

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