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Arthrotec concern please help

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canderella · 03/02/2018 18:53

I had planned on having an IUD inserted today and was given two 75mg arthrotec tablets to insert into the vagina last night which I did. However I didn't go ahead with the procedure today as we discussed an alternative method of contraception. Now I am having cramps which they said were normal but I've been reading about it online and apparently it should be avoided in women of child bearing age. I am not pregnant and don't plan one however I am worried it will cause damage in the future or to my health in other ways now. Can any one share experiences or advice please?

OP posts:
rainsbows30 · 03/02/2018 22:58

I've never heard of arthrotec I'm off to google. Hope you're ok.

baby410 · 03/02/2018 23:04

I'm not an expert so hopefully someone that knows more will come along but the misoprostol in Arthrotec is what is used for abortions and as far as I'm aware the reason is shouldn't be given to woman of child bearing age incase they are pregnant and it causes them to misscarry. It shouldn't do any lasting damage but please see your doctor if you are concerned.

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