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Family planning

Cervical ectropion / erosion

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Lauraairving11 · 12/01/2018 15:46

I'm not TTC i thought this would be the best place to post. I have 2 children.
I've been having bleeding in between periods and after sex. I've had tests for STDS which I knew would be negative and then an examination today. The GP said I have ectropion/ erosion and my cervix is red with white spots. She has referred me to have a coloscopy. I was wondering if anyone has had similar and what was the outcome please. I'm really worried because she wasn't 100% certain and that's why I'm going for more tests. Thank you!

OP posts:
scaevola · 14/01/2018 16:30

Thus is the family planning (as in contraception) topic, which might be why your post hasn't attracted any replies.

It might be better if you posted again in General Health

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