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Intercourse after copper coil?

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canderella · 05/01/2018 11:42

So I had the copper coil fitted yesterday as emergency contraception. Fitting was uncomfortable but not at all painful as some women have posted on here. Having a few cramps but nothing unbearable.

The doctor wasn’t at all forthcoming with information. When asked about intercourse she just said your covered immediately. Myself and partner had intercourse this morning. We used condoms and lube to prevent friction ‘inside’ and we used condoms to prevent infection. Got slightly crampy during it so we stopped. But I’ve been on google searching for when intercourse is best indicated after insertion and have been getting mixed reviews and now I’m terrified I will cause damage to the cervix if it wasn’t healed fully or heighten my chances of infection.

Has anyone had sex day after insertion and get on ok? Or provide me with any advice please?

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Honey2468 · 06/01/2018 09:20

My nurse said wait 48 hours but I did have to phone back in and wait on a call back. She said they don’t tell you because most people bleed for like the first 6months at least so they don’t have sex anyway. Hope this helps

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