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Copper coil

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Jamielyn · 03/01/2018 13:52


I had the copper coil fitted around 7 weeks ago. Ever since, I've felt really dizzy and not myself at all. Has anyone experienced any issues with this at all?

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pinkmagic1 · 03/01/2018 13:56

Where you on the pill beforehand? I had the copper coil fitted in October and for the first few weeks I had excessive sweating. I think this was down to the years of artificial hormones exiting my system.
I feel fine and normal now and my cycle is falling back into a pattern. Also my appetite has dropped drastically which can't be a bad thing!

Jamielyn · 03/01/2018 14:00

No contraception before hand. I had a miscarriage and had the copper coil fitted shortly after. I feel really wavey all the time x

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Honey2468 · 05/01/2018 00:19

Hi! Yeah, I had this the whole time I had it but I was bleeding pretty heavily the whole time too so I always put it down to that. If it’s really bothering you then definitely go back and say to the person who fitted it :)

beingsunny · 05/01/2018 00:31

Go back to your doctor, you could be having a reaction to the amount of copper now in your body, it can have some heavy side effects.
Google will give you some feedback.

ThomasRichard · 05/01/2018 00:34

Dr Google says it might be anaemia: here. Try some iron supplements?

WhatILoved · 07/01/2018 21:07

Yes! When I first had it inserted I had a few instances where I almost fell over. It only lasted a few weeks

Jamielyn · 08/01/2018 14:47

Thanks for all your advice.

I've been taking iron tablets before I got the IUD because I've suffered from anemia before.

I just don't feel right on it. It's been 2 months since I've had it, I get severe headaches at times and feel like I'm going to collapse. I think I better get it removed!

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