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Cerelle the nightmare pill! Please help!

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Hormonedrama · 20/12/2017 22:27

Hi there,

This is my first ever thread on this site so TIA for taking the time to read. I will start from the beginning. I had my second baby March this year and was doing fine. Periods had returned 4.5 months pp. I then started to have period every two weeks that were heavy. Off I went to the gp who suggested I have a smear and pelvic scan. All clear. The irregular bleeding continued so the local Gynae recommended I start Cerelle to help with this.

Six weeks ago I started Cerelle and everything changed. I was an emotional wreck, cried most days, felt so down and unmotivated and worst of all so irritable! My anger was unmanageable. I couldn’t bare the impact of my mood on my kids and husband. Last week I went to see the gp again to explain that I simply was not myself. She went on to say that it’s possible I may have PND, I wasn’t convinced of this but didn’t rule it out. The gp said to stop Cerelle and see if my mood improves which is obvious, if not perhaps PND. Sorry for going on! Anyway I stopped the pill five days ago and since I have developed severe bloating, spots all over, dizzy spells, sleep disturbance. The first day I was so teary. My mood has improved so pleased about that. It feels being on this pill messed me
About and being off has brought more problems!

Please can you tell me how long it will take for this demon pill to leave my system? I only took it for 6 weeks in total. And will it ever get back to normal? Wished I had never started this pill journey. If I had known I’d have settled with irregular bleeding!

Thanks smile

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