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Changing from Cerelle to Noiday - Help???

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roseyork · 09/12/2017 18:47


Iwas put on cerelle in August as a contraceptive (I'm not allowed a combined pill due a whole load of reasons: migraines, risk of stroke etc however for 3 whole months I experienced bleeding practically EVERY day Sad
Obviously this was not ideal and was really starting to get me down so I went back to the doctors and got put on Noriday.
I started taking noriday on Thursday (it's now Saturday) and I'm still bleeding the same as I was on cerelle.

Obviously I know it takes a while for your body / hormones to change and settle on the new pill but I was just wondering if anybody else had switched from cerelle to Noriday and could share their experiences??

Thank you! Biscuit

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Honey2468 · 10/12/2017 20:52

I’m sorry I have not swapped straight over so I’m not sure but could you not give yourself a little break to let the first pill get out of your system first. At least if nothing else, you would know which pill was causing the problem. The constant bleeding is horrible, I hope you find something which works for you soon,
Best of luck

roseyork · 15/02/2018 14:14

I was the original writer of this post & I thought I'd share my experience in case anyone in the future searches this question!

I did suffer some irregular bleeding at first (e.g. I had 2 periods in the space of 2 weeks) but after 2 months of Noriday it has settled down a lot! It's miles better than cerelle for me. Smile
I'm now going onto my 3rd strip/packet or whatever you call it and I'm happy with it. My advice would be give it a try if you experience irregular bleeding on cerelle then try and stick at Noriday for a couple of months and hopefully you'll experience the same as me Smile

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Bluebelltulip · 15/02/2018 14:19

Glad it's working for you. This is really good to know as I had the same problem on cerelle and have been apprehensive about trying others.

awkwardsitch · 15/02/2018 15:09

I'm considering trying this but I react so badly to hormones and incessant bleeding puts me right off but it's probably my only option.

roseyork · 15/02/2018 15:47

@awkwardsitch I was the same on cerelle but I'd say Noriday is worth a try! I now get bleeding like once a month and it's just like a regular period nothing else! Hope that helps Smile

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