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Lost pregnancy test instructions is this pos or neg

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worriedrightnow · 21/10/2017 21:56

So I’ve just done a test because I’ve been feeling weird lately. I got a Tesco 2 pack pregnancy tests ages ago.. I used one ages ago due to a pregnancy scare and me being overly anxious and now I’ve just took the second one.. I’m using contraceptives but because I’ve been feeling ‘weird’ and I’ve already has kids before and felt similar I wanted to just rule it out. I absolutely do not want to be pregnant!
The test has a line in the control window and on the test window it has one horizontal line but nothing else. Does this mean a pos? Because I’ve lost the instructions? But I assumed a pos would be a vertical line and not a horizontal line. Anyone else used this test before. I really don’t want to be pregnant

OP posts:
PurpleDaisies · 21/10/2017 21:59

Usually the ones with a horizontal line also need a vertical line to be positive. It sounds like it's negative.

Could you post a picture?

MeatAndPotato · 21/10/2017 22:02

A) define feeling “weird”
B) show us a picture of the test

LillyLollyLandy · 21/10/2017 22:06

I think the Tesco one is positive if you get two vertical lines. Not 100% sure. Have you googled?

toadierocks · 21/10/2017 22:12

Google image search and look at the other pics or see if they have instructions online. with any description of the packet or date of release of tests, its hard to say. Or maybe if you have a suspicion then go and buy another test tomorrow. Then you'll know for sure

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