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Gederel vs Cerazette vs coil

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FennyBridges · 20/08/2017 22:08

I wish I knew what the side effects are!

Been quite happy in the combined pill, Gederel, for years. But now I have some chloasma. I'm dark skinned anyway, but wondered about swapping to a mini pill as I'm nearly 40, and there's obviously no oestrogen in a mini pill. It is the oestrogen causing the chloasma as I know from previous experience it will disappear gradually when I stop taking it.

But I'm terrified of acne. I have been offered Cerazette before (when breastfeeding) but couldn't take it for fear of acne. But the progesterone in Gederel is the same as Cerazette - except it's a different amount. So my question is, will Cerazette really have such an affect on me because actually I am taking the progesterone anyway, albeit alongside 20mg of oestrogen.

What do you think? Will it have an effect on me? From other boards I'm guessing some of you would not recommend Cerazette full stop. But I am ingesting the progesterone every day anyway!

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NotCitrus · 20/08/2017 22:20

First time I took cerazette I was fine. Second time after dc2, I went totally mental with near-suicidal PND. Luckily I read a thread on MN and stopped it and symptoms went within 36 hours.
I love my copper coil. My periods turn up regularly for the first time in my life, but don't hurt.

Everything is about the balance, so no idea what will happen to you but at least you can just stop Cerazette if necessary.

dementedpixie · 20/08/2017 22:21

Cerazette doesn't give me acne. If it did happen to you then you can stop taking it

Fairylea · 20/08/2017 22:23

Cezarette hasn't given me acne at all and my acne was so bad at one point I was on Dianette for a while. I also don't have any periods at all on cezarette which is an added bonus. I'm 37 and have been on lots of pills and this one is my favourite.

TroysMammy · 20/08/2017 22:27

I was on cerazette until switched to the cheaper cerelle. I haven't had a period for years. I'm 49 and for all I know could have sailed through the menopause without realising.

I've never suffered with acne but hardly any spots with cerelle.

FennyBridges · 20/08/2017 22:32

Thanks so much for your information! I know I can just stop taking it, but then I have spots to contend with and I know I sound like a nightmare, but the idea of acne makes me feel suicidal.

My other choice is a copper coil. I can't have a mirena coil because of my acne fear. So it's interesting you mention that NotCitrus. You would recommend it?

Really my husband needs a vasectomy, but it isn't going to happen till next year and I am totally fed up of hormones.

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BirdyBedtime · 20/08/2017 22:36

I changed from rigevidon/microgynon to cerezette about 2 years ago after 15 years on and off. Was really worried about it as rigevidon suited me. Wish I'd done it years before as I haven't had a period since and they had been pretty grim after DS was born. No side effects at all. Plan to keep taking it forever .......... We'll as long as the doc will let me. Like pp said at least if it goes wrong you can just stop taking it which can't be said for coil

Loveamassdebate · 20/08/2017 22:42

I have the copper coil in. I used to take the pill but felt awful on, so up and down. Had coil in few months now, nobproblems, was terrified of having it put in but wasn't that bad. No periods but I am breastfeeding ßo may be why

FennyBridges · 20/08/2017 22:44

There is that, yes. The coil would need removing. I'm just concerned because although I don't appear to be hugely hormonally sensitive (never put on weight with pills, occasional dreadful headaches on my 7 day break if I eat chocolate, had a few spots but that's all) what with jobs and responsibilities and life, I can't 'mess up' and ruin the equilibrium I have on Gederel.

Shall I just put up with the chloasma? Got it despite wearing Clinique's factor 40 city block. Due to olive-y skin and make up it's not that bad. Shall I stick to the status quo?

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FennyBridges · 20/08/2017 22:46

Loveamassdebate another copper coil happy. Was it the ups and downs which made you have the copper coil after pregnancy? I am so fed up of hormones!

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Jezzifishie · 20/08/2017 22:49

I used to take microgynon, but changed to cerazette due to migraines. It was a bad fit for me - I bled continuously the whole time, and my mood dropped dramatically. I realised that I had to come off it when I burst into tears in the middle of a pub for no reason, and couldn't stop!! I've got a copper coil (have been advised now not to use hormonal contraceptives) and I'm pretty happy with it. My periods were long, heavy and painful for the first 6 months or so - but now my body seems to have balanced and my periods are regular, lighter and much less painful.

BirdyBedtime · 20/08/2017 22:51

That's exactly what I was like Fenny. I got so upset when told I had to come off combined as I had been on it so long (other than pregnancies) that I was terrified of what "me" without it was. As I said it's been great for me but everyone is different.

Loveamassdebate · 21/08/2017 07:26

I was on the pill for years fenny but came off because i felt so rubbish all the time and we just used the withdrawal method. Went back on the pill for the 9/10minths before we got married because I didn't want to be pregnant at the wedding, planned to stay on it until after honeymoon which was 6minths later, couldn't hack it so stopped after the wedding, did withdrawal again. Fell pregnant 1st month after stopping withdrawal. Did that again for about 6minths after having baby then stopped again to have 2nd. After the 2nd I knew I needed something reliable (although withdrawal had always worked we only did it when we'd have been happy if it hadn't worked). I was scared of the coil so went back on the pill but 2 young kids and hormones were too much so bit the bullet and went for the coil. There's lots of people who say it's awful but no one ever goes on a forum to say "oh I had the coil put in 3months ago and it's fine, nothing to report!" It's always just the horror stories people tell. I plan to keep this now for 5years and then hubby might get snip or might have another coil. I don't think we'll have more children but can't permanently say no yet

FennyBridges · 22/08/2017 06:42

You sound lucky BirdyBedtime! It's great when you find a pill that suits! Gederel (or Marvelon before that) suits me it's just the blasted chloasma. I can live with it - but I don't know how dark it's going to get!

My hunch is the nurse tomorrow at my annual pill check up will just be happy prescribing it for another year; I do always have low blood pressure. But I'm nearly 40. I think I'm going to ask for a copper coil. I don't mind periods really and I think I finally need to get rid of hormones. I feel too anxious about a random pregnancy to do withdrawal or rhythm method. We definitely don't want more children Loveamassdebate but my husband getting around to a vasectomy (for various reasons) could be a year.

Trouble is, my GP surgery pushes the Mirena really. Do you think they'd give me a copper coil?

OP posts:
Loveamassdebate · 22/08/2017 08:26

Cant see why they wouldn't, it's your choice at the end of the day isn't it. Apparently mirena is only a very small amount of hormobe and because it's released where it's needed and not digested like a pill then it's unlikely to cause any problems but I just thought i don't want any!

misskatamari · 22/08/2017 09:33

I took cerazette years ago and it really did not agree with me - I had awful anxiety and depression and was almost suicidal. Was a major relief to come off it, but I still battle with anxiety now, even tho it's about ten years later. I know some people get on fine with it, but would just caution to be aware of any changes in mood if you do start taking it.

Since then I won't touch hormonal contraception, so I had a copper coil for about 6 years, pre kids. It did make my periods heavier and more painful, but as I say, I hadn't had children yet so not sure if things would be different now. It was a good option overall, as I couldn't risk taking hormones again, and it was great not having to think about condoms etc.

Thankfully now we've had kids, dh is on the waiting list for a vasectomy, as I don't really want to deal with the possibility of horrid periods again, but if I had to go back on contraception I would opt for the copper coil again x

FennyBridges · 22/08/2017 16:22

Thank so much for sharing your stories everyone I am definitely going to be hormone free and ask for a copper coil!

Whilst I can barely remember what my periods are usually like au natrel - are periods always heavier with it? When you get into a routine I mean. I think I was usually 5 days with 2 heavy ones and being careful for 2 nights. Does it go back to how you were - or heavier?

Loveamassdebate I'm the same. I don't want any more hormones (although I would consider HRT if and when the time comes). I'm so worried about the mirena causing acne and not being able to get the thing out!

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