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Possibleyoungmum17 · 11/08/2017 19:13

Hey guys. I was just wondering, I have two questions.

First one is: I took two pregnancy tests, one on the night I was due on and another one, 2 days later.. both negative. However I still haven't come on and I'm now 14 days late. Could I still be pregnant if I had two negative tests?

Second one is: I started taking birth control again because of the two negative HPT's and I was wondering (depending if the answer to the first question is yes) can birth control harm the baby? I only took 3 and I've stopped now. Haven't taken one today and still no sign of a period.

Any help would be great!! Thank you x

OP posts:
NoMoreDecorating · 11/08/2017 19:17

Have you had unprotected sex? Or were you on birth control at the time and just worried because your periods are late.

You could possibly be pregnant if you've ovulated late, it might just not have shown up on the test yet. However there's a lot of different reasons for periods not to come, stress and not eating being two large ones. You can go to your doctor and request they do a test if you're still worried.

Birth control should have no effects if it's only for three days that you took it. I became pregnant whilst on the mini pill and DS has no side effects or issues because of it Smile

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