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Advice on possibly using Diaphragm

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Northernmum21 · 02/08/2017 11:08

Anyone using Diaphragm?
I have read up on this option and been to clinic, but would appreciate users comments on:

  1. Can DH feel it? That is HIS main concern.

2. How do you know it is in place OK and safe ... I worry that unlike condom when you know it has failed and go to plan b, with Diaphragm it is not obvious? That is MY main concern !
3. Are the natural spermicides (my preference) as safe as the chemical ones ... also a bit of a worry for me.
4. Clinic seem very anti when I asked - are there non-obvious negatives?

Seems a good choice - for us anyway, and the minus of having to put in place before does not concern me - in fact for me a lot better that DH 'condoming' I think!
Thanks for any thoughts
OP posts:
NK346f2849X127d8bca260 · 07/08/2017 16:13

Do they still have them? I used one many moons ago, DH complained about feeling the rim and that worried me as I thought I had it in wrong, had no accidents with it.
Gave up on it as didn't like all the spermicide stuff you had to use, many a time it sprung out of my hand landing on the bathroom floor!
Why were the clinic negative about it? Is it because it's not a popular choice and they have nobody experienced in firing it?

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 · 07/08/2017 16:14

Fitting it not firingBlush

Northernmum21 · 07/08/2017 16:28

Yes, still available at least where I am. But I suspect you are right, negative is they are not experienced with fitting.
In fact I wasn't offered one , it was ME who asked and told that if I did not want pill, then coil, nuvoring (sp?) were good option or (in a rather patronising way) we could continue with condom!
I looked up and saw 20% used D in 60s and 5% now , or something like that. If my experience is typical can see why.
I am quite tempted to try it .. maybe the Caya which does not need fitting as I understand it and I can just buy. But will check if as effective.

OP posts:
NK346f2849X127d8bca260 · 07/08/2017 19:43

When it was first introduced it saved a lot of women from constant childbirth so in its day it was a very welcome invention, for those who could get hold of it.
These days they really sell the hormonal implants and it is seen as odd I feel you don't want those.
I did google the Caya, worth a go if a pregnancy wouldn't be a disaster to you.

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