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Contraception nightmarrs

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Albatross2 · 14/04/2017 08:22

Hello, first time I'm posting on here. I've had a nightmare trying to get the right contraception. I have tried various pills and they all make me feel crazy, and become obsessed with eating! I had a copper coil in which worked great aside from heavy painful periods and I kept getting thrush or BV which was awful! I then went on the mirena a few weeks ago which was awfulqhilag it was settling in, and now I'm pretty sure it's expelled itself! I wasn't feeling very well had very bad stomach cramps but I put that down to a dodgy curry I'd had as was back and to the toiketvlike nobodies business! No pain or anything now but I can not find the strings at all! Has this happened to anyone else? I don't know if I should go back and if it's gone go and get another put in. I literally can't have injections or anything with loads of hormones as I turn into a right mess on them. Please help!

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tink86 · 14/04/2017 13:16

Do you not have to go back at six weeks for a check? I had mine put in about 2 weeks ago and I have to go back for a six week check. I can't feel the threads myself. But I'll see what they say at the check

Chattycat78 · 14/04/2017 13:34

Yes- not to scare you but I had a copper coil fitted a week ago, and long story short, it perforated my uterus and ended up in my abdomen. I had to have surgery on Sunday to get it removed.Shock

I thought U were Meant to be able to feel the strings. If you can't, I wouldn't be relying on it for contraception and would get it checked out if it was me.

Albatross2 · 14/04/2017 13:42

Thanks for the replies they said I didn't need to go back for a 6 week check they said unless you want to. This is my third coil now and I know how to check the strings. I might have to go and have another mirena in I don't think I can cope with anything else! Short of having my tubes tied think I've exhausted contraception methods now

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Blahblahblahyadayadayada · 15/04/2017 18:20

And I was thinking of asking for a copper coil when I see my GP for the post partum check up!

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