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Anyone had a light first period after having the copper coil fitted?

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user1490854461 · 05/04/2017 07:48

Hello everyone,
I had the copper coil fitted 8 weeks after having my son and was told it would likely cause heavy painful periods and to be warned!
So anyway, a week before getting my period I had some crampy feelings so I thought here we go, it's going to be horrendous but when my period finally arrived it was so light that I wouldn't have needed more than 1 pad a day. I had no pain either and it lasted for about 3/4 days.
So I was just curious, has anyone else experienced the exact opposite of what they tell you to expect on the copper coil?

OP posts:
crookedhooker · 05/04/2017 07:52

I'm a.few years in and never had heavier periods than before fitting. My periods on the injection and pill were debilitating now it's all over in four days and the fainting and migraines have gone.

beingsunny · 05/04/2017 08:02

Make sure you have a follow up scan to check its position Grin

ImSexyAndIKnowIt · 05/04/2017 08:07

I can't remember my first few periods after having mine fitted but for a good while they were really heavy for a couple of days. I would soak through 3/4 tampons and towels (using both at the same time) in one morning. Over the last year or so though my periods have got lighter with just one heavy flow day but not as heavy as before. I've had my coil for 6yrs ish.
I had one before I had children too and it made my periods horrendously heavy and painful. I'd be nearly sick at work with the pain so glad that level of awfulness didn't return this time around.

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