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Just had a copper coil put in...

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MsPickle · 15/03/2017 21:03

...DH is away in another time zone. I'm feeling sore and cramping as I'd expected to. A bit sorry for myself with unexpected PMS (I've been mainly on the combined pill for years until a chance conversation with a GP doing a repeat for me linked my migraines with the level 4 don't take this risk, I manage the migraine myself and somehow it'd never come up!). So I insertion not pleasant but not traumatic. And then my beautiful DD accidentally kicked me in the groin. I couldn't show how sore it was really but had to say it somewhere...OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEE.

It's been a long time since I had cramps, I've had ibruprofen and have a wheat bag warming, any other top tips?!

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phoebe2016 · 15/03/2017 21:21

Hi OP. I had a copper coil but had it removed after just a few months. Every 3 weeks i had a heavy 7 day period, was a total nightmare!! Changed to Mirena in the end and was bliss, no periods at all. Currenly pregnant but planning on getting another afterwards. Hope your cramps settle soon, just keep taking ibuprofen in the meantime. Flowers

MsPickle · 15/03/2017 22:17

Thanks Phoebe, I read about both types, lots on here, and as I'd not got on with the injection or mini pill decided copper a better first option. wishing you a smooth pregnancy!

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ladylambkin · 15/03/2017 22:21

Op I had a copper coil and I found that I bled for a few days after insertion along with cramps then it eased again. Heat is good and ibuprofen/paracetemol.

I didn't get on with Mirena at all ...acne, asthma,, dermatitis, weight gain and depression which all went almost overnight once it was removed. For that reason I am considering copper coil again.

Hope you feel better soon

Shitalopram · 15/03/2017 22:25

Watching with interest as I'm having a copper coil soon too. Like you I feel that heavier periods is a better risk for me than side-effects of hormones (the depo made me gain 2 stone, lose my libido and indeed any interest in socialising at all as I felt so wretched)

Will be my first coil but based on other gynae procedures I've had, I'd say don't skip any doses of ibuprofen as you want to keep inflammation down, and if you have 2 hot water bottles put one against your vulva and one low down on your belly or back. Good luck and please let me know how you get on. Would you mind sharing what the insertion was like & how long it took? Any tips for making that easier? Xx

MsPickle · 15/03/2017 23:49

Front and back warmth is a good call, I just shuffled the laptop/cat/wheat bag arrangement and it helped! Good call about managing the pain meds, I had chronic back pain for years and know that stuff for other people but forget it for me IYKWIM?

I could do with losing two stone but depo didn't do that to me, I just felt violent- I remember talking to now DH in the kitchen the day I'd had it and telling him to leave the room as all I could think about was plunging the knife I was holding into him! Thankfully I didn't!

Insertion-my GP is someone I trust and she's caring and pragmatic. It went a bit like this:

Bottoms off and onto the couch.

Big light (I think that's almost the thing I hate most about gynae things)

She then used a plastic speculum (which I appreciated, less shocking than metal) and did an manual exam to see which way I tilted/find my cervix. Uncomfortable but didn't take long. I then had to use one of my hands to keep the speculum in place while she assessed the depth and did a little clip to guide the coil in. She didn't spray or swab me with antiseptic as I'd read online (she was gloved and it was all sterile!). She then got the coil out of its pack, inserted it, the arms opened (that was when I felt it) and trimmed the strings. Speculum out knees down. She kept me lying down for a few minutes then sitting up/standing up slowly as it's not unusual to feel faint. I only felt it a bit and wanted to get dressed. She told me to take it easy for the rest of the day, take ibuprofen and reminded me what to watch out for (any odorous discharge, unbearable pain, lost strings and the like) and who to contact at the practice if she's not available so I knew who to talk to who has the most up to date knowledge.

All in all-initial chat, insertion and debrief was 25 mins. And not as horrid as I'd feared.

Hope that's not too much detail.

OP posts:
MsPickle · 15/03/2017 23:50

Oh and making it easier-I thought nice thoughts and kept my breathing steady so I didn't tense up.

OP posts:
MsPickle · 15/03/2017 23:51

And just realised you said you gained 2 stone not lost it! The phone app where you can't minimise what you're typing is a nuisance.

OP posts:
Shitalopram · 16/03/2017 22:43

Thank you MsPickle that's all really helpful. Appreciated.

Yes depo made me feel stabby too. And very much a weight gain, not loss!

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