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Family planning

Unplanned 5th pregnancy!!

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pinklips · 02/01/2017 18:48

My 4th baby has just turned 1 and we decided that our family is now complete. However, like a complete fool, I have gone and gotten myself pregnant. I feel so stupid and I'm devestated! I haven't even told my husband yet. Reasons why this is bad:

  1. house has no more room
    2)I have just returned to uni to finish my final year of nursing after having a year out to have dc4. I really wanted to commit this year and pass my course.

    I am going to have to book in with bpas to talk through my options but I don't know if I can go through that. What choice do I have? I'm so stupid and embarrassed that this has happened!!
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pinklips · 02/01/2017 20:33

Sorry wrong board please delete

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