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Mini pill and libido...

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TriJo · 25/11/2016 14:29

Had my son 8 months ago, I've been on the mini pill since he was 16 weeks old as I'm still breastfeeding, first 12 weeks on branded Cerazette and a generic after that. In the last month or two my libido feels like it has fallen away to nothing and I barely even want to be touched. This is starting to get to me a bit because we used to have quite an active sex life and I feel terrible for not wanting it.

Anyone else had something similar?

OP posts:
Groovee · 25/11/2016 15:20

I'm on my second month of the mini pill. My sex drive is gone. Mentioned to a friend who has been on the same mini pill for 4 years and no sex drive in that time. She hadn't realised the connection until I mentioned it.

LauraLoo4 · 30/12/2016 12:53

I had the same problem for over a year! I also didnt realise it could be the pill. (progesterone only pill) then I stopped the pill, my libido returned! Also my moods relaxed.
Now I'm looking into hormonal free contraception.

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