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Nexplanon implant

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Summerisntcoming · 25/09/2016 22:34

Had my 3rd put in back in Feb. Was fine for a week or so then had spotting for a few weeks. GP gave me Norethistharone so stop the bleeding which it did. Until 3 weeks ago, the spotting started again, barely anything but needing a thin liner most days. Then the last 2 days bleeding has got heavier, some clots etc.... Is this fairly common for the implant? GP didn't seem concerned last time and the previous 2 implants I've had were implanon and I had no bleeding but this one is nexplanon so wondering if this usually happens?

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DigestiveMuncher · 25/09/2016 22:37

I'd say it's quite common I am also on my 3rd implant and it's probably the worst one (mines due to come out next year) but for the past 3-4 months I have had the worst periods I've ever had in my life! My last one I came on twice one after the other and both very heavy with a lot of clots. I hate it!!!

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