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Cerazette not great, has mirena worked for you?

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tiggersreturn · 06/07/2016 20:07

I'm currently bf dc4 and definitely don't want any more. The lovely dc4 was conceived despite the diaphragm so that's a no go. I don’t get on well with hormonal birth control. It usually results in me losing my libido. At the moment i'm on cerazette, have no libido and feel quite low. However I don't know how much of any of these feelings are just down to cerazette and how much to tiredness, bf, dealing with dcs 1-4 etc.

The coil seems to be the only option but the last time i used it i had very bad period pains to the extent that i eventually got it removed.

The clinic was suggesting i try the mirenabut i'm nervous about the hormones.

Has anyone used the mirena successfully after not great reaction to cerazette?

Do you have pain in the mirena?

Has anyone found the copper coil ok after a bad experience first time? I used it before kids so my uterus should be more stretched now.....

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