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Family planning

trying for a baby

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eptp · 18/06/2016 14:45

What do stomach cramps feel like? I never really suffered period pain or any pain when I was pregnant with my first

But my last period was 10th April (long time) but it's not unusual for me to miss periods me & my partner are trying for a baby

Well last Friday 10th June I went to toilets and as I wiped there was brown stuff with a little tiny bit of blood I obviously thought oh that's my period (charmin) lol as the days went on I had absolutely nothing in my pad but sometimes when I went to the toilet it would appear I had brown discharge on the tissue sometimes it had a little bit of blood by not everytime and I didn't have brown discharge everytime I wiped either well this went on till Tuesday Iv never ever had anything like this before I either have a full on period or I miss it so what was this? Does anybody no

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MakiJ · 18/06/2016 14:54

As I have suffered from severe period pain I would describe the pain or cramps as if a little knife trying to cut inside the tummy and swelling up ConfusedSad it's nothing like any other pain you would feel in your body, bruise, twisted ankles etc. It feels like the pain had a pulse.. With regard to your period I would suggest you talk with your GP but I had the similar strange and light period like yours when I wasn't eating much and under stress and pressure from work. I had not been trying so I knew the following period would be normal which was late but had the standard flow.

If you are TTC then had the light discharge you may be pregnant again as I've read on the pregnancy app somewhere that sometimes that happens during pregnancy; I had zero period late by two weeks, I then discovered that I was pregnant so everyone's case is different but best to check with your GP Flowers

eptp · 18/06/2016 14:58

Ok thank you x

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ElderlyHippo · 18/06/2016 15:06

As this is family planning (=conteraception) topic, I figure the first thing to do is abandon it!


stardust2014 · 04/09/2016 11:52

Can anyone help me please? We have been ttc for over a year now. I'm 41 trying for 2nd child b4 its too late! My period is sort of regular (period every month but varies on length) I thought i was pregnant 12 days ago 4 days b4 my period tested negative. Period came 4 days later it was light but needed pads so thought nothing of it. Tummy felt swollen but normal. Yesterday 8th day of cycle i had a brown coloured discharge assuming old blood but a large blob of sticky sack came out. Its squidgy in texture and looked like something was inside. I usually have sticky discharge at this time but this time it was abnormal. Has anyone had this before. I have had this a couple of times but i haven't a clue what it means! Please help.

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