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implantation bleed or not I'm confused

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emmalou26 · 16/06/2016 11:18

Hi I started what I thought was my period on Friday well the most I had was brownish discharge and the slightest little bit of blood when I wiped nothing at all in my pad but was getting this when I just wiped what is this does anybody no I didn't even wear a pad for bed or anything because nothing was happening it was literally just when I wiped (but not everytime I wiped) it lasted 4 days I took a test during this and it said negative does that mean it was a very strange period lol or if it was implantation have I test to early I haven't a clue

OP posts:
scaevola · 16/06/2016 11:22

This is the contraception topic, and you don't mention which method you're using. But all methods have a fail rate (some higher than others) so yes you need to POAS.

And if pregnancy would be disastrous, this might be a good time to review your choice of method/s.

AuntieStella · 16/06/2016 14:10

If you're actually TTC, then it might be worth re-posting in the conception topic

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