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Mirena coil floating around

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BlueberrySky · 15/06/2016 17:32

I have had the Mirena for 7 years. A year or so ago I realised that I could no longer feel the threads. Then a few months ago I had to have an X-ray on my hip. On the X-ray I could see the coil floating at the top of my uterus.

I am inclined just to leave it there, as I do not like the thought of what they would have to do to get it out.

I think I did see something on one of their flyers saying that after the age of 50 they just leave them in, or am I imagining this?

Has anyone else had this? Is it dangerous to leave it in?

OP posts:
Cherylene · 15/06/2016 17:42

You need medical advice. I probably depends where its 'floating' about and if it is likely to move.

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