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Removal of contraceptive implant

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Lostlou · 11/06/2016 22:21


so it's 11 days since I had my implant removed.

I've had a weird dull headache since it's removal. Not sure if this is just coincidence.

The plus side is that my 'teenage spots' on my forehead that sprang up while I had the implant seem to be subsiding slightly. There aren't any less of them (yet) but they seem to be less prominent.

I'm wondering. How long before my period comes back? I didn't really get them when I had the implant apart from some odd random spotting here and there (which could last for nearly two weeks at a time) but nothing so far.

I was on the pill - Femodene - before that but it gave me cracking migraines during the 'withdrawal' week which were thankfully non-existent when I had the implant - and was one of the main reasons for taking it.

Any previous experience from the lovely ladies out here?! There's a massive thread on here about experiences with the implant but nothing really once you've stopped taking it!

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ItsAllGoingToBeFine · 11/06/2016 22:22

Watching with interest as I am currently considering getting my implant removed early.

Lostlou · 17/06/2016 19:28

2 and a half weeks since implant removal.

Pleased to report headaches have now gone. Spots definitely subsiding.

Still no sign of Aunt Flo. Bit worrying!!

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whyistherenoavocadoemoji · 17/06/2016 19:33

Took 18 months for mine to come back! I don't think that's common but the fertility doctors I subsequently saw as a result told me it's a well known down-side to having the implant. Wish someone had told me that beforehand though!

missnevermind · 17/06/2016 19:46

I don't remember exactly but I think I had a period about 4 weeks after mine was removed both times. And went on to be very regular straight away.
I was pregnant after 4 months the first time and after about 7 months the second time. But I was 40 by then.

Lostlou · 17/06/2016 22:07

Thank you ladies!! I'm not TTC or anything but despite loving not having periods, when you expect them to come back and they don't it's a bit disturbing... at least you've put my mind at rest a bit x

I'm 42 btw and not in a relationship.

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