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Mire a coil thread MIA

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SexNamesRFab · 23/05/2016 17:56

It his evening I psyched myself up to have my mire a coil taken out and a new one put in, only to find the threads were MIA. Anyone else had this? It's left me feeling a bit down. The doctor is going to refer me for a scan then says, once the know where it is, they'll try again to pull it out.

OP posts:
BG2015 · 25/05/2016 16:05

Yes I had a coil that went awol.

I had it removed in January 2014. I had a abdominal and vaginal scan and it was removed a few weeks later.

I had a new one put in 10 months later as I was sick of the heavy and prolonged bleeding. But after 18 months I've started bleeding again.

Don't worry they will find it.

SexNamesRFab · 25/05/2016 19:20

Thanks so much for replying. How did they get it out? Blush

OP posts:
BG2015 · 26/05/2016 19:49

I went to a gynaecologist clinic, she looked at my scans and where it was and said she probably could get it out.

So I did the legs in stirrups thing, speculum, she asked to cough and she managed to pull it out.

It was painless and easy.

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