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No period on the pill

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cherrybloom · 27/04/2016 22:14

Ive been on a new pill zoely for the past year and havent had one period whilst on it!!I've told the gp when I've gone for a review and she says this happens sometimes on the pill.but I can't find anything online about it.I've taken 3 pregnancy test in the last year because every once in a while I freak myself out thinking I'm pregnant even tho I take them perfectly all the time and pregnancy really would be a disaster!!def going to try some dif kind of contraception

Anyway had anyone ever had this while in the pill??it's a combined pill
Tia Smile

OP posts:
butteredmuffin · 05/05/2016 00:38

I didn't have periods on cerazette, but I think that one is progesterone only.

Everyone is different. Not having periods won't harm you. The only time you need to be concerned about not having periods is if you're not using hormonal contraceptives and should be menstruating normally but aren't for some reason.

You could try another method of contraception, but it's possible that any hormonal type would stop your periods, and hormonal methods are usually the most effective. If you're really worried, you could always double up with condoms?

You could also try the implant - some people love it and some people hate it. I had implants for 9 years and sometimes I had no periods at all and other times I got them infrequently.

cherrybloom · 09/05/2016 20:18

Thank you for replying buttered

I have tried the implant before it really didn't agree with me, I've also had the mirena and from what I remember mafmde my periods very very light,think next time im going to try the copper coil as it's the only one besides the injection one I havent tried!!

Thanks again

OP posts:
butteredmuffin · 11/05/2016 15:12

A have a couple of friends with the copper coil and they seem to like it. It can make your periods heavier though.

I've gone from the implant to condoms only, but if pregnancy would be a disaster for you then it's probably not the best option!

cherrybloom · 13/05/2016 20:48

That's what the doctor reckons with the copper coil that I'll just get heavier seems like an old fashioned way to use contraception as I have to be refered to a different doctor as my doctor and many others don't do it no more!I have 3 dc already!definitely wouldn't want love to just be able to rely on condoms but i know myself id be paranoid!

OP posts:
Spanna40 · 28/02/2020 12:06

I started on zoely 7 months ago and also not had 1 period. Also mentioned it to my gp who acted surprised but not concerned and not giving me any more info. I am not complaining but can't help but wonder if this is healthy.

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