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ectopic pregnancy

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bunnyrabbit93 · 24/04/2016 20:20

Hi all

I had surgery on the 9th as I sadly had a ectopic pregnancy. I was 5 weeks 6 days according to my dates but my tube has ruptured so the right side tube had to be removed.

After I found out I was pregnant me and my partner stopped using protection. We last dtd on the Wednesday and I had surgery on the Saturday.

It has all been so much going on . The past few days I've started having pregnancy symptoms again. All this I get before I find out I'm pregnant from what I remember from pervious DD.

I basically want to know how quickly you can get pregnant ? and if it's even possible to be feeling this? I had bleeding 2 days after surgery which felt like a period just a bit heavier. It only lasted 6 days which is why I as it was period like.

I would love to have another baby but I am so scared it will also be ectopic. When is it advices you ttc again after it all?

Thank you all :)

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scaevola · 25/04/2016 08:28

This is, at the moment, in the contraception topic.

You might find you get more helpful answers if you repost (or ask for this to be moved) to either General Health or Conception.

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