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Possible pregnancy, thrush, herpes, sores, worried, please, help

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Worriedangel · 29/01/2016 18:21

Okay, here goes..
This month my period has been 14 days late, and counting. It has always been on time and I track it on my mobile.
I had unprotected sex two weeks before my period was due, but a week or so after my ovulation period. I have taken pregnancy tests, all negative.

I had unprotected sex a week ago, and had two small cuts at the bottom of my vagina as he was quite large. Since then I have been in a lot of pain with soreness, redness, ulsers and I cannot sit/walk without being in chronic pain. I have been to a sexual health nurse and a doctor, on two separate occasions who did some swabs and they believe it is genital herpes, however I do not agree, I suppose it is wishful thinking, but I find it odd how at the time of the missed period, I had thrush (I get thrush all the time), my vagina also closed it on itself (I have been raped and this is the coping mechanism my body uses, as I had flashbacks during my last sexual relationship, on Saturday) and I have been having white (on paper towels it's yellow) discharge which is unusual with herpes...
I find out my results next Wednesday but I seriously hope it's something else.. And isn't it odd that I had two cuts and then it turned into sores/ulsurs a day afterwards?
Surely it could be thrush/trauma related?

The sores that I have do not look like herpes pictures I have seen, and they are disappearing pretty quickly, although still stupidly painful.. I have the 5 day medication for the herpes and I have been using canesten cream since yesterday.
After using the pessary (which was agony to get up there, surely that's not normal with herpes, the fact that my opening is literally gone in on itself and can't even fit a simple cotton wool bud up there) about twenty minutes after using the pessary this white discharge came out like crazy, surely that shows it was thrush all along, and that's what's caused these sores?
The nurse and doctor seemed very certain it was herpes, but I am hoping and praying it's something else... Please.. Please.. Please..

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RoanStrawberry · 10/02/2016 13:19

Sorry - only just seen this. What were the results?

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