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Family planning

Getting an iud fitted

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FaithLoveandHope · 26/01/2016 12:29

Hi all, after years of struggling with hormonal contraception I've finally decided to try a copper coil. I've made an appointment at my GP and the receptionist mentioned needing a consultation first and it being a double appointment. I'm a little confused, does that mean she'll put the coil in there and then or the double appointment is simply to discuss things and then it'll be fitted at a later date? I just want to be sure as if she is fitting it I'd rather someone come with and I'll take painkillers beforehand.

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Emmanewme2015 · 10/02/2016 19:07

Got mine fitted today through family planning who are my GPS I had to go for a consult then back today for the actual fitting. I'm assuming they'll give you the consult then fit The same day if she's saying it's a double appointment?

FaithLoveandHope · 10/02/2016 21:03

Hi Emma, thanks for your message. In the end I got it fitted at family planning clinic due to a mix up of appointment dates. They fitted it there and then. GP on the other hand would've been a double consultation and then book another appointment to get it fitted.

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