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Gynae problems please help!!!

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Bubblesbambam12 · 08/01/2016 10:36

I've suffered with gynae problems for about 7 years now really painful heavy bleeding and my periods are never consistent. I have begged my gp for help and they just tell me it's for normal for a women or tell me to take contraception so it might regulate. I always loose so much blood and I'm anaemic, a standard day for me would require me to use a packet of Bodyform ultra strong night towels. For as long as I can't remember (roughly 6months) I have been on a non stop period and it really is just wearing me down obviously I have better days than others but I just can't cope!!!

Late November I was taken to A&E as I was in excruciating pain and felt so weak from blood loss. They helped me out whilst I was there but said they was discharging me and best advice is to get some sort of contraception.

By this point I know your probably thinking why not just take the contraception? Reason why is because Im trying for a baby and because if there is underlying issues I would rather they be sorted than masked.

Anyway I ended up getting a phone call from a consultant saying they've looked over my notes and need to be seen quickly. Had an internal scan booked in urgently for an appointment to chat was diagnosed with Endometrial Hyperplasia. There is 3 types and 1 type is cancerous. They said they was really concerned about me and they want to do an urgent hysteroscopy, I was told the hysteroscopy really hurts/ uncomfortable but then I was told don't worry and try to relax as much as possible?

Since seeing the gynaecologist 3 days ago my periods have really amped up and I'm in a lot of pain, loosing a lot of blood and a lot clotting. I can't sleep and every time I eat I throw up.

I am very worried but trying not to panick. Any advice for me?

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Mackers123 · 10/01/2016 20:50

I am due to have a hysteroscopy next week, I am also having copper coil removed as they can't do the cameria otherwise and a merina coil fitted afterwards as my periods are all over the place and they say it will help. I am really worried about it being painful too, was just about to post actually for advice like yourself. I am hoping the hospital will give me something for the pain tbh

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