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Family planning

Hypothyroidism and prenatal/conception vitamins

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Nummynums · 29/12/2015 02:48

I really hope someone can help! Apologies for long waffley/confused post.

I have hypothyroidism (originally postpartum) have been on 75mcg levothyroxine for 5 years and only recently my thyroid has gone whack, last month it went hyper (tsh 0.06) and this month hypo (tsh 14, t4 9).

I am worried as I am planning to ttc around May next year and want my levels to be ok (tsh

OP posts:
AuntieStella · 29/12/2015 16:52

This is the contraception topic, which might be why you've not had any responses.

You might want to report your past an have it moved to either 'Conception' or 'General Health' where it's more likely it'll be seen by posters who can help you.

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