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Merina..Good choice or huge mistake??

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lizi311 · 29/11/2015 23:14

Hey all,
Just recently I've had the Merina coil fitted and am now having doubts.

Basically I've been on many different types of contraception and they've all had the same affect... ALOT OF VERY HEAVY BLEEDING CONSTANTLY.

After doing research online I figured the hormone coil would be best as it says it can stop the bleeding or at least slow it down. So I went for it.... Now I'm reading things on this site about people still bleeding etc after a year or so... Are there any positive experiences of the Merina out there or have I just made a mistake by having it in?

Please let me know your experiences good or bad Smile


OP posts:
Thegreatunslept · 29/11/2015 23:22

I've had mirena in from March for the first 4 weeks I had a constant staining then it eased off. I now have 4-5 day light periods every 30 days or so.
I was on pill before but wanted something more permenant.

lizi311 · 29/11/2015 23:26

I've only had the coil in for 9 days and having a heavy bleed. I'm dreading this is going to be a permanent thing like it was with the pill and other contraception I've taken in the past...

Constantly bleeding isn't very nice for me or the boyfriend and I'm praying it passes...I can cope with bleeding 1 week a month just not constantly.

OP posts:
BlueBlueBelles · 29/11/2015 23:30

I had mine fitted may 2011, so it's due to be replaced next year.

The first year I had regular bleeds, about three days of light bleeding I used a moon cup for

The next year or two I had even lighter discharge.

Then about 12-18 months ago they stopped. I get pmt but nothing major. And sore boobs
Mine were so heavy without I would overflow a moon cup in less than an hour.

DP is going for the snip at some point, but I will replace my mirena regardless.

MissSmiley · 29/11/2015 23:35

I had it last year and it stopped my periods completely but made me feel very sick all the time so I had to have it out. Had endometrial ablation instead which also stopped all periods but no side affects.

lizi311 · 29/11/2015 23:57

Thanks guys, I'm feeling better about my decision to have it fitted.

Keeping everything crossed that my bleeding will slow down/stop Grin

OP posts:
TheVeryHungryScreamerpillar · 01/12/2015 17:11

I got my Mirena in July and it's the best thing I've ever done. My period is now one day of light bleeding, no cramps. I've even lost weight.

loraflora · 01/12/2015 17:48

I had spotting everyday initially - maybe for a few months. Then after that very little, just an occasional very light period. I have fibroids and was getting the periods from hell prior to this, very heavy/clotty so it was actually suggested for that reason rather than for family planning in my case.

Fourarmsv2 · 11/12/2015 07:27

Had mine fitted mid Oct. Still bleeding fairly heavily. Hoping it stops soon!

Hillfarmer · 11/12/2015 14:21

It will settle down OP, it took a few months and some very annoying 'spotting' - which is a ridiculous term, since it seemed like full period days. Then they dry up... but yeah, six months in and you will be glad of it.

It does piss me off tho' that women are expected to put up with painful, invasive procedures and then mess in their pants or whatever - the downsides of these female contraceptive 'solutions' are always downplayed or dismissed. Why?

pickleandflux · 11/12/2015 15:54

When I had my first one fitted I had light spotting most days for over a month - went back to the clinic and was given a couple of months of the pill to take, to help settle it down. This worked a treat, and after stopping the pills I had a very light amount of spotting once a month for about 3 days. I since had another mirena (routine change after 5 years) and it stopped my periods altogether. I had it removed to get pregnant and plan to have another one fitted after.

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