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Depo injection....experiences

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Greengrass1982 · 20/11/2015 15:08

I have been refused the combination pill due to migranes with aura. I have tried the mirena coil but felt like I had constant PMT had it removed.

The nurse suggested the next best long term contraception would be the depo injection. I am concerned about the possible weight gain side effect. Has anyone got a views on the contraceptive injection ? Thanks

OP posts:
y0rkier0se · 23/11/2015 00:03

I would suggest avoiding it if possible. I had lots of weight gain (though poor diet definitely contributed) but the worse side effect was the mood swings. I think it caused depression - I was really low and spent lots of time crying. Came off it last September and periods are just getting back to normal and I will never ever go back on it. I truly felt so low and I'm positive it was the depo. Many friends have shared this experience too.

dementedpixie · 26/11/2015 19:58

I had constant bleeding and a huge weight gain. It also thins your bones and can take time to wear off if you want to have another baby (can take up to a year or more for fertility to return)

dementedpixie · 26/11/2015 19:59

Have you tried the mini pill?

LillyBugg · 26/11/2015 19:59

I had constant bleeding. But no weight gain and no impact on moods. I stopped having it because of the osteoporosis risk.

Greengrass1982 · 27/11/2015 15:33

I took cerelle and my moods were fine but I didn't stop bleeding wondering if I should have given it longer to settle. Tried mirena coil didn't get on with that terrible moods ..! I'm going back to the clinic Tuesday may ask for a different brand of mini pill

OP posts:
sksk · 29/11/2015 12:22

I was unable to get used to mirena. I didn't give it the recommended 6 months but I had constant bleeding and I got an infection after it was placed. And the placement was a horribly painful experience. I tried the combined pill while on mirena to try and allow it to settle but I still bled so I had it out. Haven't found a pill that suits me yet, and am therefore reluctant to have a depo injection that I'd just be stuck with. I don't know what else to try. Before going for depo you could ask to try a mini pill to see if you can tolerate the progesterone.

WimpyArseWanks · 29/11/2015 12:25

I was fine with it, gained a little bit of weight but then stayed around the same size, was on it for 8 years and it took 1 year after stopping for my period to return to normal.

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