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How much pain / bleeding after copper coil fitted?

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bonzo77 · 18/11/2015 09:36

Just wondering what's usual? I had it fitted around 11am yesterday. It was uncomfortable being put in, fine immediately after. Had some mild tenderness in my hip area (where I'd normally get ovulation pain, but different and nowhere as painful). This morning I have moderate cramping on and off. Wrt bleeding, it was light yesterday and lighter still this morning. I had a CS 11 weeks ago and had a very very light period 3 weeks ago. I'm certain that I'm not pregnant (negative hpt, have dtd but either withdrawal or with a condom. Last 3 pregnancies took a long time to achieve).

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EatSleepTeachRepeat · 18/11/2015 09:53

I've had 2 coils and both times have been different! First time a little bleeding on and off for a few weeks then pretty much nothing for the next 5 years Barr a few light bleeds which required a panty liner.
The second one I bled very heavily at first and for a couple of weeks after it was on and off heavy bleeding - that was in July and all has settled down now.

I had to do a pg test before they would put it in both times.

bonzo77 · 18/11/2015 21:31

Thanks. I did a pregnancy test before it was fitted and it was negative. Bleeding and pain mostly gone now, hope that's it until period comes. Speaking of which, do you use tampns? The doctor said it was fine, but the leaflet says to be "careful " with them. Whatever that means.

OP posts:
EatSleepTeachRepeat · 19/11/2015 21:01

I think the cramps are normal - I think the "after shocks" were worse than usual period pains - but then again they clamp your insides so there will be some pain ha ha!
I don't use them personally but I never have - before hand I used to have really horrible heavy periods so it was a good few towels with lots of changes and now its the total opposite; a panty liner for a couple of days every few months - and that is usually only when I see blood when I've been the loo - no more ruined undies!

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