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Mirena coil versus sterilisation - in a muddle!

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Dillybean · 15/09/2015 12:43

Hi all, hope someone can help!

I have had the Mirena coil since October 2012 and it's been fine, not too many issues apart from a bit of pain here and there and the odd migraine - but the reason I had it put in originally was because of dreadful period pains which used to knock me out for a couple of days a month. I've been feeling a bit odd about having something "foreign" in there and had been booked in for a removal of mirena and then a sterilisation but the surgeon said he could only use filshie clips and nothing else as they are the gold standard. I'm anxious about filshie clips as I've read they have lots of side effects and again it's having something "foreign" in there (made of metal!) which is what I wanted to avoid! They have now said they will have to cancel the op (was due to be next week) if I don't agree to the filshie clips and I'm in a complete muddle and not sure what to do!

Do I stick with the Mirena for now as it's been generally fine? I don't have a Mum to chat to about this so any advice is very gratefully accepted!

Thanks in advance,
DB x

OP posts:
Whatevva · 15/09/2015 12:59

I share you distaste of foreign bodies. However, in your position, I would stick with the Mirena if you are ok with it.

It is useful for bleeding problems in perimenopause and if you need hrt just add an oestrogen patch. You then have much less progestogen in your system than the usual hrt. Then when you don't need it any more, it can be taken out.

If you get sterilised, you will still have the bleeding problems, and the clips would stay in.

TheFuzz · 18/09/2015 14:47

Be careful deciding on surgery. Personally I wouldn't recommend any sterilisation to men or women. (Bloke here. 3 years of pain, 1 GA op, injections, drugs, Testosterone replacement, and two more GA ops in the next 12 months).

Don't have surgery.

fairbalance · 08/10/2015 22:25

I was sterilised I had an open procedure min lapartomy and NOT keyhole she cut chunks out of my tubes and tied them. So they would not fit back together again even if wanted them to, which I do not! Apparently that is gold standard which kind of makes sense.

fairbalance · 08/10/2015 22:26

Mirena terrible awful thing NEVER EVER again.

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