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Copper coil diary

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Starbelle · 09/08/2015 10:46

Hey all you lovelies Smile

So I'm on day three after having a ten-year copper coil fitted and thought I'd share my experiences so far in case anyone's curious or wants to know more. Everyone's different though, these are just my thoughts.

I'd already had a failed fitting as my cervix is tiny, so when I turned up I was pretty nervous with a pulse rate of 109 but the doctor at the FPC was lovely and although very blunt ("It will hurt") also strangely comforting and hilariously patronising funny ("are you brave enough to take a little prick?" Grin) The nurse was brilliant - a wonderful hand holder and story teller, and totally hilarious. We shared many giggles.

First, the injection in my cervix which they gave because I'd had a failed insertion last time. It honestly was no worse than a smear test and I wondered what I'd been so nervous about. Then the doc dilated my cervix, measured my womb (felt slightly crampy but not painful), swabbed some blood away (that was the weirdest feeling, like scraping in my vagina Confused) and inserted the coil which felt a bit more pinchy but still not painful..

I had to stay lying down ("stop raising your head! ") because the doctor was being very careful after that high pulse rate reading and she kept asking me how the pain was. There were strong cramps, like early labour pains, but nothing unbearable, and finally, after ten minutes, I was cleared to go with strict instructions to let my OH do everything for a day! (he was brilliant, if a bit stuck with making poached eggs Wink)

I'm still crampy but nothing unbearable, and it's easing every day. My womb, although definitely with a sense of having 'been through something' feels kinda happy and as though all will be well, so after numerous meddling with horrible hormonal contraceptives I'm hoping I've found my method!

I'll update a few more times over the coming months Smile
Hope it's helped.


OP posts:
queenrollo · 27/08/2015 14:30

Hello Star

I had mine fitted yesterday. First attempt and got a 10 year in with no problems. I found having the uterus measured was the worst bit to be honest, and like you said crampy but not painful.
I have had a couple of episodes of mild cramping and a bit of spotting but all told I hardly know i've had anything done.

Would it be ok if I updated here too? I'd have loved a thread like this when I was doing my research into contraceptive options.

bonzo77 · 27/08/2015 14:43

Following. I'm having DC3 in 2 weeks and am interested in a copper coil afterwards. I really fancy something long term, non hormonal and non barrier.

jbee1979 · 31/08/2015 19:45

Ooh, glad to find this, I'm having a copper coil fitted tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous, because I read somewhere about "get someone to drive you home", but there is no one except 4mth old DD to keep me company tomorrow ! Smile

NoManJan · 11/09/2015 05:34

Any updates ladies? I'm considering getting the copper coil.

queenrollo · 15/09/2015 15:25

Day 19 for me since fitting. Had some spotting initially which then became full flow period. No different to my others but with having it fitted so close to AF i'm waiting for the next one to see if has made any difference.
I'm now mid-cycle and ovulating and today feeling a bit crampy and this is extending down into the tops of my thighs. I usually can feel ovulation, but the leg cramps are new. Don't need painkillers though, it's a niggly low-level discomfort.
Will check back in when next AF puts in an appearance.
I'm back at the clinic on the 23rd for a post fitting check, but I have already checked the strings.

NoManJan · 15/09/2015 17:17

Thanks Queen, I hope the cramps go soon. Look forward to reading your update.

Singingholly16 · 27/09/2015 19:00

Hi, just wanted to share my experience if the copper coil. Had my first for 5 years and a second for 10. No problems at all with either of them (other than the aforementioned discomfort during fitting).
Anyway had my third one put in earlier this year and after an initial failed attempt due to my cervix going into spasm, it was fitted after a local anaesthetic injection.

Fast forward to a couple of months later and I developed a severe pelvic infection requiring a 7 night stay in hospital and IV antibiotics. The medics have attributed the infection to the coil (there is a chance of infection post insertion, more likely within a month of insertion but still a tiny chance). Also, the position of the coil on scans showed it to be too low and I was advised not to rely on it for contraception.
I am now awaiting an op to remove a damaged Fallopian tube as a result of the infection.

Sorry for the long post! My feelings are mixed but on the whole enjoyed 15 years of stress free contraception and like the idea of hormone-free contraception which the copper coil affords.
I'm a bit stuck now as I'll be requiring more contraception but im a bit wary of getting another one! However, I chose the coil as I don't really want the go down th hormonal route.

queenrollo · 02/10/2015 16:20

Just had AF. No heavier than usual, but more uncomfy with cramps/achy feeling, bit of backache which is unusual for me.

queenrollo · 10/03/2016 10:43

Back for an update!

I've had one blip. One month my AF arrived a week early and I bled for 15 days. Heavier than my usual flow, but not so much that my GP was medically concerned.
As this is our last resort for contraception I wasn't keen to follow my GP's advice that I have it removed (he is not a fan of IUD) and agreed to wait it out a few more months and see what happened.
Since then all normal again. Periods a little heavier flow than my normal, and a couple of days longer but not crampy.
Still noticeable cramping around ovulation and a bit before AF puts in an appearance. I don't need painkillers for it, sometimes I use my wheat bag in the evenings.

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