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Mirena Coil Advice

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Reallywantgherkins · 28/06/2015 17:27

I had my mirena fitted last Thursday evening, it's only really been 3 days and any spotting has now stopped which is fantastic! However, I'm in constant pain, painkillers aren't touching it, nor is a hot water bottle. My whole pelvic area hurts, I wouldn't describe it as cramping, I had a couple of those and they're manageable, I don't know how to describe the pain, sometimes it's a stabbing pain, other times it feels like my body will never relax and at other times it's cramping almost like I need to poo! I've checked and I can feel the strings but even that caused me pain. Just touching my pelvic / pubic area is hurts me. Has anyone else experienced this? Will it pass? How long did it take the cramping to settle down for anyone else who's had it and also, should I just give in to my paranoid tendacies and have it removed? (That's if they will?) Also I tend to have reactions to ibuprofen and paracetamol which I'm currently taking every 4-6 hours respectively, so wondering if I should stop those and see if my body settles down?
I may be panicking a little here so any advice would be so greatly appreciated.

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caramac04 · 28/06/2015 17:34

I'm on my third mirena and felt really crappie for a couple of days after the first was fitted. Having said that I had had a previous coil and had 4 normal deliveries so a well stretched cervix. I would have thought your symptoms should start to settle very soon. I would maybe give it 7 days to settle but if no improvement seek medical advice. Any signs of infection eg temperature, smelly discharge or increased pain then either ring nhs direct or see GP. Hope you feel better soon
On the plus side I've not had a period since 2000.

Reallywantgherkins · 28/06/2015 20:34

Thank you! I'm glad someone else felt like crap, most other stories seem to be from the fitting, which actually wasn't that bad

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