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What do you use if you have melasma?

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ApplesTheHare · 23/06/2015 10:26

Are there any decent options that won't make melasma worse and aren't the mini pill?

OP posts:
MyBeloved · 23/06/2015 12:10

We use withdrawal.

Wouldn't chance hormonal contraception or the copper coil with my melasma even though it's pretty much under control now.

ApplesTheHare · 23/06/2015 16:47

I'm thinking that might be our only option too. Eeek!

OP posts:
MyBeloved · 23/06/2015 20:44

Good luck! I guess the only really reliable method of contraception without hormones is sterilisation!

ApplesTheHare · 30/06/2015 07:12

Yeah I'm beginning to wonder about that! It just seems a bit drastic doesn't it...

OP posts:
scaevola · 30/06/2015 07:29

Sterilisation is permanent surgery, and should only be done if you are absolutely sure there are no circumstances in which you would have more children.

You could try any of the barrier methods (better to go to an FPA or similar clinic if you can for diaphragm, as they enter ally have much more recent experience than many GPs), or a copper coil.

NFP? Calculated conservatively, and based on at least combination of temperature and mucus, plus condoms during the 'at risk' times.

Withdrawal isn't as bad as people sometimes think, especially if you are older and your man is a little more predictable (IYSWIM!). But it changes what sex is like quite a lot and if he's not utterly reliable on timing, you may as well have used nothing.

ApplesTheHare · 01/07/2015 23:19

scaevola that's kind of what I think about withdrawal. Unfortunately I've got problems (caused by childbirth) that mean a diaphragm is out, and DH has never been able to use condoms, so that narrows our options somewhat. I'm starting to wonder whether we're destined to be celibate??

OP posts:
MyBeloved · 01/07/2015 23:22

withdrawal has always been fine for us.

tmi but dh seems to enjoy himself as do I lol

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