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Can anyone who's had a coil fitted help me?

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Jollyphonics · 02/06/2015 12:23

Apologies if this is cheeky, but I'm wondering if you can help me.

I'm a GP and I fit coils. I have been asked to devise a "patient satisfaction" questionnaire about the fitting process - pre-fit counselling, procedure, adequate info given etc - not about the actual effects of the coil itself once it's in.

If you have a coil, can you give me some hints at the kind of issues you think such a questionnaire should cover?

I'm thinking - having enough opportunity to ask questions, being adequately prepared for the pain, feeling the procedure was as dignified as possible, manner of medical staff and so on.

I'd be really grateful for any thoughts.
Many thanks.

OP posts:
sksk · 02/06/2015 22:56

Hi, satisfaction questionnaires are everywhere! What with these and Family and Friends test, I'm surprised anyone has any time to do anything else! I think you've covered most of the areas: preop information, analgesic advice. Also options for local analgesia on the day. Maybe ask if they were made aware of whom to contact in case of problems (not all of the practice doctors and nurses deal with coils) and if they were told what problems would warrant this. Was the patient informed of the side effects ie the ones not to worry about. But I think you have it mostly covered. Can you sneak in a question about how painful they actually found it on a Likert scale? Good luck!

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